Dragon food

Here is what I use to feed my Dragons and how I prepare it.

1 pack of Spring greens, 1 pack of Runner beans, 2 Carrots, 1 butternut quash, 1 red bell pepper.

-- --

-Remove the leaves from the spring greens, peal the leaves fromm the stems and throw the stems away.

-- --

Roll 6 leaves together in to a tube shape and cut across in to small rolls, hold the rolls in your fingures and cut them across in to small strips and put in the blender. cut some spring greens and put them on top of the greens in the blender.

-- --

Blend up the greens in the blender so the bits are smaller than the gap between your dragons eyes.

-- --

Blend up the carrots, cut the butternut quash in to circles and peel them then chop them in to squares and blend. mix all the belended items in a tupperware box and keep in the fridge.

- -

- This is enough to feed 10 adult dragons for a week,