Vivarium Controler

I am putting together a vivarium controler to run my 8 vivariums from 1 plug socket.

This will have a 3" x2" touch screen and i hope when finished will control all the lighting, temperature read out of 3 areas in each vivarium and using 1,000 Lumens LED with dawnnnnnnn to dusk control. The LED will produce no heat only light. I also hope to fit a UVB meter and display the live results on screen.

Prototype running lights off 1 plug with 1 temperature reading. Should the temperature drop below a given reading a red bulb warning will come on.

Above left 2 viariums on and running. Right shows night time with bulbs off , I have to replace the bulb out message to below by the basking light.

Below shows all 4 vivariums working, the 2 bottom ones show temperature 1 foot outside basking point. the lights are controlled by solid state relays and programable in a back screen for on and off time.