Led Build with arduino mega 2506, Arduino ver1.0.5 software needed

Parts needed for this project,

1 x Arduino Mega 2560 board

1 x DS 1307 RTC clock (i used tiny clock)

1 x LCD Display (I used one that plugged in to arduino board but am having problems programming the buttons, so for now i have mad a board with 4 buttons on.

4 x N-channel MOSFETs such as the STP16NF06

4 x momentary push buttons

8 x 10k resistors

4 x 220 ohm resistors

Wire with male pins to fit arduino board. and bread board.

Bread board for testing before fitting together i got a 25 x 12 pin model (saves a lot of soldering for testing.

The idea was to make 4 channels that came on as sunrise and off as sunset, but after reading a little about the arduino i picked the mega as it would control a lot more, the plan was to also run my wavemakers from it for short periods during the day.

Youtube of LCD screen options


for now here are some pictures showing the build before it goes in to the box and is fitted to the aquarium.

Below is the items wired together for testing

DS1307 Tiny RTC clock

MOSFET board i made up


4 pusbutton board for testing

Here are some links i based my build on

the software is older and will not run on new boards on these sites mine has been moified to run on arduino ver 1.0.5

RGB Strip wiring diag

LED Light wiring diagram

Reef forum that started me thinking

Note to run the led light system (not strip) use link above and pay attention to the drivers section